450+ Easy Healthy Low Carb Recipes (WEIGHTLOSS)

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If you want some of the best and easiest healthy low carb recipes for weight loss, this post is exactly for you. And here’s why…

It’s not a secret anymore that high carb and high GI (glycemic index) foods are bad for both your health and weight loss.

They make your insulin levels go crazy, and this ultimately leads to excessive cellular inflammtion.

Yes, that’s a fact. BUTTT…

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As cellular inflammation can damage your body cellular structure to the core, your body (and metabolism) can’t perform as it should.

And gaining weight is JUST a side-effect in all of this.

Still, 1 problem add in all this…

We, as human, CANNOT live without carbs. Unfortunatelly our brain CANNOT survive.

So how can we keep eating carbs without gaining weight and without damaging our body to the core?

Easy Healthy Low Carb Recipes [LIST]

The simple answer is…

LOW-CARB and LOW-GI foods!!

In our last experiment, we tested many recipes to see wich one performed best in terms of weightloss and general health.

So here’s the proven results…

While it appears obvious to us that many factors come into play when it comes to health (based on the results), there’s 1 factor that was crucial for overall weight loss.

And this factor is the LOW-GI in carb rich foods.

So, with that said, the following are the low-carb recipes that performed best for us.

2Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup

From The Author: “Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup Recipe – A simple zesty Mexican-style soup that is low fat, gluten free, and can be made low carb as well!”

Discovered Here: Paula Pryor saved to food (Pinterest Board)

Original Post: Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup