About Me

Hi, I’m Rain Willbert and I’m the funny many behind this blog.

I help women losing weight and developing a fit, toned and elegant body. This is possible by taking advantage of the most effective weapon that humankind is aware of: FOOD!

(YUP… No surprise…)

Lately I’m working with dozens of high performing athletes too. And that’s because, apparently, the same BEST nutritional tips and tricks that work awesome on weight loss, are also those that boost performances like nothing else can.

But how can you achieve max fat burning results, top physical performances and unreal mental focus by just using “food”?

Here’s the answer…

You CAN do that, ONLY by following “THE-HEALTHY-WAY”!!


If you know how to REALLY eat healthy, you can forget about counting calories, starving all day long and having to “keep-up” with the new trendy “tips-and-trick”.

All of this, while you’ll be able to enjoy all the above mentioned benefits.

And, with that said, feel free to surf around this blog to discover “THE-HEALTHY-WAY” to achieve all your goals with your body.


If you have questions feel free to contact me at – “rain [at] eatdojo [dot] com”