300+ Easy Healthy Vegetarian Recipes (CLEAN EATING)

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Who needs some easy healthy vegetarian recipes for clean eating and weight loss?

It’s NOT a mistery…

Veggies are the best. And if you learn how to mix and match proteins and carbs by using just veggies, you can claim you are following the best diet ever!!


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As far as this would be an awesome scenario, it can be very difficult to find this golden ratio with ONLY veggies.

So, wouldn’t be great if there was a cool cheat you can take advantage from?

Easy Healthy Vegetarians Recipes [LIST]

Believe it or not… But…

There truly is a CHEAT!

We tested so many vegetarian recipes recently at our Dojo. More than we can count. But it was well worth it.

We were able to find out (based on test results) which are the vegetarian recipes that perform best for you (both for clean eating and weight loss).

These are the best recipes, sorted by results. Use them… Abuse them… And enjoy the yummyness.


FROM THE AUTHOR: For easy rolling, spoon the hummus onto the tortilla about an inch away from one of the edges.

Spread the hummus into a 1 inch wide strip from top to bottom. Then, top with the sliced avocado and shredded cheese.

Start at the edge closest to the filling and roll the tortilla around the filling as tightly as possible without tearing the tortilla.

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